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Are you struggling to design and maintain a website that effectively represents your brand and drives sales? We understand just how tricky the online world can be to navigate so let us help you achieve your business goals and expand your online presence. 

At Brave Media, we specialize in web design, search engine optimization, and digital strategy. Our team of experts can create a website that not only looks great but also effectively communicates your value proposition, generates leads and integrates seamlessly into your overall brand and marketing strategy.. We’ll help you navigate the complex world of web design and digital marketing by creating a website that will increase your online visibility, improve user experience, and drive conversions.

Some of our Latest Work.


The client: South African Employers 4 Disability is a body constituted by employers working towards an inclusive work environment especially for persons with disabilities. Through their expertise they aid companies in the integration and accommodation of persons with disabilities in South Africa. 

The brief: To create a website that will aid the SAE4D team in effectively running and growing their organization.

The result: A new website designed by Brave that allows members to easily access a database of suppliers, connect and receive applications from persons with disabilities, and serve as a central source for all information, including supporting documents and webinar recordings.


The client: Novaturient is a facility of highly qualified health and fitness professionals that provide holistic training of the body through Pilates. Novaturient means “to desire or seek a powerful change in one’s life, situation, or behaviours” which is why most clients of theirs join.

The brief: To create a website that encapsulates the essence of Pilates and that can be used to house follow-along instructional Pilates and yoga videos for members.

The result: A website that harmonises with the look and feel of the physical studios. In addition to the modern design and intuitive navigation, the functionality of the website supports and houses an online video library of follow-along instructional Pilates and yoga videos for logged in members.


The client: Newfield Alternative Energy provides solar energy solutions in the Western Cape.They are passionate about making the world a better place and providing a reliable source of energy that can sustain the population. Having had 6 years of experience in the industry has allowed them to prevent 76 500km of CO2 emissions every year through their installations.

The brief: To create a user friendly, easy to navigate and effective website showcasing packages available for purchase.

The result: A visually eye-catching website, designed to communicate the brands service offering at every touch point. The use of white space and bold images effectively showcases the brands solar solutions and guides the user toward a call to action, resulting in a professional,modern, and strong online presence.

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